Production Partner: Yousstex International, Tunisia

Recycling of old jeans (Cutting, Shredding and Spinning) done at Recover, a factory in Valencia owned by the Ferre family.
Dying of cotton fibres using indigo is done at Tejidos Royo - purifiers are used to clean the water removed from the factory. 


All of Thought’s pieces are made from start to finish in the same country, reducing the impact of shipping, and the brand is a founding partner of the Ethical Fashion Forum.


We all know that our resources aren’t unlimited, that’s why we most of all have to be smart. The circular economy comes with a solution. In the circular economy waste is seen as a source of growth to make something new. 


Compared to industry standards, MUD Jeans save up to 5,500 litres of water. Discover all their other sustainable practices here.

They are always looking for innovations that make our jeans more sustainable and circular. You can check their journey towards 100% recycled denim here.