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MUD Jeans

Production Partner: Yousstex International (Tunisia), and Tejidos Royo (Valencia)

Recycling of old jeans (Cutting, Shredding and Spinning) done at Recover, a factory in Valencia owned by the Ferre family.

Facts about Yousstex:

  • The many Yousstex busses that provide free transport to all workers

  • People are at ease, helped by the climate control inside

  • Especially the laundry department is a very high-tech area; laser and ozone equipment combined with the water recycling plant make you feel like you’re in the factory of the future

  • Out of 500 employees, 450 are women

  • Employees receive 3 weeks paid leave

  • Yousstex International stitches and washes MUD's jeans. The fabrics which were selected for the jeans are shipped from Spain and Turkey to Tunisia

  • 90% of the water used in the laundry and during the washing process is recycled; laser and ozone machines are used which reduce the water usage by 75%, and in some cases, also reduce the use of chemicals to zero

  • All employees enjoy complimentary medicine if needed

Facts about Royo:

  • This is where the dying and weaving of the materials from recycled jeans takes place

  • Workers were greeted and chatted with by managers, followed by heart-warming hugs

  • The grand- and great-grandparents of their employees worked there, so everyone feels like part of the family

  • Tejidos Royo uses a purifier that cleans the water used in the dying process

  • It was established in 1903

  • Out of 350 employees, 140 are woman

  • Employees receive 30 days paid leave

  • Royo Textile also runs the José and Ana Royo Foundation

MUD Jeans are consciously sourcing their goods in nearby factories, so they're able to visit the factories frequently. Transparency, fair wages, and good working conditions are at the top of their list. As proud members of the Young Designer Program of Fairwear Foundation, The Fairwear Foundation help them in assessing and improving the standards at their partner factory.

MUD Jeans denim is produced with Cradle 2 Cradle certified dye and the jeans are made with techniques such as E-flow, laser and ozone. These practices allow them to save water, eliminate chemicals and improve the working conditions of factory workers. 



We all know that our resources aren’t unlimited, that’s why we most of all have to be smart. The circular economy comes with a solution. In the circular economy waste is seen as a source of growth to make something new. MUD Jeans is the only brand that works completely according to the principles of the circular economy.


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Compared to industry standards, MUD Jeans save up to 5,500 litres of water. Discover all their other sustainable practices here.

They are always looking for innovations that make our jeans more sustainable and circular. You can check their journey towards 100% recycled denim here.

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