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Elvis & Kresse

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Location: London, England

Elvis & Kresse are the designers and makers of the Firehose Belts we stock at UNCAPTIVE. They're a certified Social Enterprise, and a founding UK B Corp. By employing and training apprentices, they nurture the next generation of craftspeople in the UK. The belts are all made in-house in Kent, England, by their small team and they’re a living wage employer.

Material otherwise destined for landfill or incineration is saved and given new life at their workshop which is powered by renewable energy. Even their packaging is handmade from rescued material, using parachutes, and tea and coffee sacks.

“Fire-hoses start off as a life-saving tool of a tremendously heroic trade. We rescue them, transform them into heritage classics and then donate 50% of the profits to the Fire Fighters Charity (FFC). The hose saves us, we save the hose, and the FFC helps to save fire service personnel. We couldn’t imagine a better way to honour the fire-hoses and the firefighters.”


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To find out more about their story, you can watch this video here.