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Examples of topics to choose from are:

  • How to Wear your Ethics

"Over 100 million people in the world work for the fashion industry. In an era where fast fashion has taken over our high streets, it’s become difficult to know the conditions our clothes are made in and their impact, from sweatshops and child labour, to pollution, global warming and cruel exploitation of animals. Find out how to check where your clothes are made, what materials they’re made from and how sustainable and ethical they really are.”

  • The Women Who Make Our Clothes

“Do you know who made the clothes you wear? The pursuit of cheap clothing habits in the fast fashion industry has not only led the population into a cycle of unsustainable consumerism, it also threatened the lives of millions of women involved in the supply chain. At the root of many problems garment workers face is low pay and poor working conditions. Unravel industry myths, find out the best ways to support the talented women who make our clothes and discover a whole new way of dressing in a conscious, ethical and sustainable way.” 

Other include:

  • Is the Future of Fashion Sustainable?

  • Running an Ethical Business

  • Starting an Ethical Business

Declan and Itala started Uncaptive in Summer 2016 with a £200 initial investment and 10 original t-shirt designs, screen printing the garments themselves and selling online and at Vegan Festivals across the UK. Both with backgrounds in Design, and no experience on Business, Marketing or Sustainable Fashion, they’ve learned to run their business on the job through a lot of discipline and passion for their moral and ethical values.

Over 2 years later, Uncaptive now has its own store in central Newcastle, offering over 120 items. They have exhibited at over 150 festivals and markets across the UK, and have shipped to more than 40 countries. They’re currently working towards opening their own clothing manufacture in 2019, and continue making ethical fashion widely accessible.

Declan and Itala are available for talks and lectures at schools, universities, meet-ups and panel discussions. If you’re planning an event and would like them to join you, please use the form below, specifying the date and location, along with your preferred topic, and they’ll reply as soon as possible.

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