5 Easy Ways to Enjoy the Summer Sun

Summer is officially here, and if we are lucky, we are going to be experiencing some very sunny days. I don’t know about you, but waking up to a bright sunny day makes me instantly happy. The sun provides us with so many benefits, both mentally and physically. The sun gives us vitamin D, which helps keep our body healthy. It has also been proven that exposure to sun improves sleeping quality and can help ease mental health disorders such as depression. In this blog post, I outline 5 easy ways you can enjoy more time in the sun this summer!


Take Your Workout Outside

If you’re someone that usually works out indoors, either at the gym or at home, I urge you to take your workout outside at least once a week. There's many ways to do this; You can go for a run in the park, find a set of stairs outside and get in a killer cardio and leg workout, or set up a circuit training outdoors. I also like to do yoga outside during the summer; just find a small patch of grass either in a park or at home in the garden if you have one. Spending those 30 minutes working out outside will allow you to soak up some much needed sun.

Take a Walk

Reaching the recommended 10,000 steps a day is great for a variety of reasons, but in the Summer, it’s also another way to enjoy the sunshine. Just spending 20 extra minutes outside going on a walk will make a big difference. You can actively choose to go walk outside, but if you’re finding yourself a little unmotivated, there's also other ways to get in those steps, like getting off the bus a few stops earlier than usual and walking the rest of the way home, or parking your car a little further away from the shops; these little tricks will quickly add up to you spending more time in the summer sun.


Eat Outside

Eating outside is one of my favourite things about Summer. It instantly makes any meal more enjoyable! This will take you no extra time, simply transfer your usual dinning arrangements outside. If you have a garden, set up a table for summer meals. If you have a balcony, simply sit on a chair in the sun and enjoy your meal. If you live close to a park, have a little picnic meal a few times a week. If you're going out to eat at a restaurant, choose somewhere with outdoor seating. And don’t forget pub beer gardens - the perfect place to enjoy a nice drink in the sun.

Use Your Lunchtime Wisely

During the Summer, make the conscious decision to spend your lunchtime break outside. It can be a little hard working in an office on sunny days, so make sure you get out when you can. Whether you eat your lunch in the sun or just go for a walk; use those lunchtime breaks wisely!


Enjoy an Outdoor Weekend Activity

The weekend gives us a little more time to spend outside. The Summer months are the perfect time to go on outdoor adventures. There are so many things to choose from. Coastal hikes, beach days, waterpark fun, forest walks - there is something for everyone. Also keep an eye out for events; summer is usually filled with lots of fun things. Outdoor concerts, street markets; these are all great ways to spend some extra time in the sun whilst having a great time. Barbecues is another great outside summer activity, and a perfect way to spend time with friends and family.

I hope these tips help you get the most out of the sun this Summer. Integrating some of these things into your daily routine will make a big difference. Do remember to be sun safe though, like wearing sunscreen if you’re spending a long time in the sun. Enjoy those rays!


Written by Eline Jeanné (@the_vegan_globetrotter), who also writes her own blog: www.heartofatraveller.com

Be Summer ready:

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