Aloe Vera Benefits and Alternative Uses


Aloe vera gel and its benefits seem to have conquered the health food market in recent years. The mighty aloe vera juice is an ingredient in what seems to be an unmeasurable amount of products – from organic toothpaste, strength tablets, eyeliners, face masks, body washes to colon cleanse tablets and lip balms. A quick Google search of aloe vera uses and benefits comes up with millions of hits – so why add another one?

This post explores the unusual, alternative aloe vera uses that might come as a pleasant surprise and add a couple of more reasons why planting this incredible succulent (also known as the plant of immortality in ancient Egypt!) is a decision you won't regret. We've all heard of the good old aloe vera classic uses – treating cuts, sunburns, mosquito bites and other skin irritations. My family has been growing aloe vera plants for decades and we always have at least a few big buckets keeping up the spirits in our sewing room and beyond. Growing up with its juicy leaves following me around on every corner, I've grown to appreciate its hidden benefits laid out in the paragraphs below:

  • Makeup remover: apply fresh aloe vera plant juice to your face and use moist cotton pads to gently remove your eye makeup, blush or foundation. Aloe vera might help reduce acne scars if used regularly, but its main benefit lies in its ability to gently nourish the skin. For those of you with highly sensitive skin, aloe vera is an absolute life saver as it is highly versatile and can replace various synthetic face products such as creams, make-up remover and toners. DO WATCH OUT thought, because its juice can be very irritating to the eyes so make sure to avoid the area around your eyes.

  • Chemically-treated hair relief: aloe vera juice with its abundance of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and amino acids (including vitamin E!) can help reduce frizzy hair and is a great natural antidote to dry, bleached or otherwise damaged hair. Incorporate aloe vera gel to your regular hair routine by using hair masks or homemade shampoos and conditioners (or simply add the gel to your purchased hair product)

  • Headache relief: rub the 100% aloe vera gel onto your forehead and neck, then massage it gently into your skin (use a drop of good quality lavender essential oil for an extra soothing massage). Aloe vera juice contains salicylic acid, the main ingredient of aspirin and several other pain relieving over-the-counter medicines.  

  • Hand sanitizer: you’ve probably noticed aloe vera extract being used in various sanitizing products such as tissues, gel sanitizers and wet toilet paper. For a perfectly organic and chemical-free hand sanitizer, consider making your own aloe vera product at home (Google comes up with countless ideas!) or simply just rubbing raw aloe vera juice between your palms.

  • Cooling gel: place your aloe vera gel in a fridge and use it to freshen up during summer heatwaves! Simply rub the gel on your wrists and neck for a quick DIY cooling gel.  

  • Eyebrow treatment: this miracle skin saver is also a fantastic solution for over-plucked eyebrows! Dab a dollop of aloe vera juice onto a cotton ball and massage onto your eyebrows, helping them grow and recover, as well as to keep them tamed.  

And what’s best? Aloe vera plant care is incredibly simple and the leaves consistently grow thicker and longer, equipping you with natural aloe vera juice and saving you money on buying expensive aloe gels!


This article was written by Tajda, who is the founder of My Vegan Minimalist. She writes about sustainable living and captures her daily vegan adventures on Instagram.





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