How to Continue with Veganism after Veganuary


Welcome to February! With January now gone, Veganuary is also officially over. For those of you who don’t know, Veganuary is a month-long campaign set up by the charity of the same name, which aims to inspire people to try veganism for January and ideally for the rest of the year, or ever. Over 120,000 people took the Veganuary pledge this year, which is a record number. Hopefully a lot of those people have decided to stick with veganism post-January, or to at least adopt a more plant based diet. This post is all about how to continue with veganism after Veganuary, introducing you to a bunch of useful tools and resources to continue on your epic vegan journey.


Informational resources

If you didn’t check them out in January, there’s some really great informative sources about veganism. When I first went vegan, I found it really useful to educate myself, and to know why I live a vegan lifestyle. Just remember; people go vegan for different reasons. These sources look at some of the different reasons behind veganism, from ethics to health:

  • Cowspiracy: If you want to learn about the impact cattle has on the environment, Cowspiracy is an amazing documentary to check out. I often recommend this one to people who are interested in or just starting veganism, as it’s very informative but also not too daunting to watch.

  • What the Health: Produced by the same team as Cowspiracy, this documentary focuses on the impact dairy and meat products have on ones health. If you’re motivated to eat plant based for health reasons, you’ll find this very intriguing.

  • Earthlings: This documentary focuses on the ethical issues behind factory farms and other animal-oriented industries. Earthlings is not easy to watch, as there are many disturbing images, but it explores the ethical reasons behind veganism very well.

  • How Not to Die: This book, written by Dr. Michael Greger, looks at the top causes for premature death in America, and discusses the foods one should eat in order to avoid such diseases. Not only is it very informative, but it also shows you many reasons as to why veganism is beneficial for your health.  

  • How to be Vegan: If you’re looking for a bit of an easier read, I recommend ‘How to be Vegan’, written by Elizabeth Castoria. I bought this book when I was thinking about going vegan, and it helped me so much. There are loads of tips in there, as well as some recipes and just generally good advice.

Social media

To start with, keep following Veganuary on their social media platforms. Although their main campaign is focused on January, they post informative and relatable content all year round. There’s also a bunch of other vegan accounts to follow on social media that will provide you with all the inspiration you need, some of my favourites are:

  • Hot for Food: If you’re looking for some amazing recipes, ‘Hot for Food’ is the place to check out. Lauren Toyota, who runs the business, runs you through her recipes on her YouTube channel, and you can also find her recipes of Instagram and her blog.

  • James Aspey: If you’re interested in the ethical side of veganism, James Aspey is a great resource and inspiration. His content can be a little confrontational, but it’s very informative and eyeopening.

  • Gaz Oakley: Another great resource for recipes and food inspiration is British Gaz Oakley, known online as Avant Garde Vegan. He also just brought out a cookbook which looks to be filled with amazing vegan goodies.

  • Sammantha Margaret: If you want some beautiful pictures of animals on your feed, you need to follow Sammantha Margaret. Her images really capture the beauty of all animals.

  • Gary Yorofsky: A knowledgeable activist and educator who covers all aspects and concerns involving Veganism. His speeches will surely get you thinking.

There are so many amazing social media accounts and blogs out there that will help you stay inspired and motivated on your vegan journey. If you’re a big Instagram user, simply browse the hashtag #vegansofinstagram to see the many amazing accounts out there!


With veganism becoming more and more mainstream, there are a lot of vegan events held every year. Attending a vegan event or festival is a great way to meet fellow vegans, enjoy amazing food and listen to interesting talks. They’re great fun and a good way to stay motivated on your vegan journey. Vegfest holds and epic festival in Brighton and London every year, and to see which other vegan events are happening throughout the year, check out this list.

Happy Cow

Perhaps the most handy vegan tool out there is Happy Cow, which is an international guide of vegan restaurants and stores. Simply go to their website and type in wherever you're going, and all the vegan options in that area will show up. They also have an app, which is great for on the go. This is especially helpful when you’re travelling, but also for exploring your own area. If you’re new to veganism and still trying to figure out where the best vegan options are around you, check out Happy Cow.

Don’t stress

Perhaps the most important piece of advice if you’re planning on continuing with veganism after veganuary: don’t stress. You’re bound to make mistakes every now and then; I still do, three years on. As long as you do the best you can, you’re doing amazingly. The tools mentioned in this blog post can help you on your vegan journey and make the transition a little easier for you. As long as you have a reason in your heart for why you want to continue with veganism, you’re set!


Written by Eline Jeanné (@the_vegan_globetrotter), who also writes her own blog: