Minimal and Eco-Friendly Halloween Decorations

Halloween is here! For those who like to celebrate this spooky holiday, you know that some creepy decorations are a must. You’ll see Halloween decorations on sale all around you; however, most of the time they are made of cheap materials and wrapped in plastic. If you’re pursuing a more minimal and eco-friendly lifestyle, this can pose a problem. Not to worry though; you can still decorate your home for Halloween without purchasing mainstream decorations. This post will cover some eco-friendly and minimal spooky ideas.


Minimal and Eco-Friendly Halloween Decorations-2.jpg

Nothing screams Halloween like pumpkins. Wether you’re carving them or dotting them around your house, pumpkins are a must. Carving a pumpkin is a fun Halloween activity to do with friends and family, and you’ll be left with an amazing classic Halloween lantern. Simply choose a design and trace it onto your pumpkin, scoop it out and start carving! Once you’re done, pop a candle in it and place it in on your doorstep, or in a safe place inside your house. Once Halloween is over, make sure you compost your pumpkin. Another way to use pumpkins for Halloween decor is by buying baby pumpkins and placing them around your house. They are super cute and will give your home a minimalist Halloween touch. Once Halloween is over, you can either consume these pumpkins if they are still good, or compost them.

Dripping Candles

When I think of a Halloween dinner party, the first thing that comes to mind is lots and lots of dripping candles. Think of Dracula’s lair, a dark space filled with only candles. Taper candles work best for this; because of their long thin design, they cause a really cool dripping effect. You can place your candles in a simple candle holder, but for an even better option, try wine bottles. Reusing old wine bottles as candle holders gives a cool old-school feel, and the dripping wax from the candles collects nicely onto the bottles.

Dead Flowers

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Are you flowers close to dying? Don’t throw them out; they can make a great Halloween decoration. Big vases filled with dead flowers are a great way to add a touch of ‘death’ to your Halloween celebrations. Simply buy some flowers a few weeks in advance, enjoy them while they are full of life, and then when they are close to dying, remove them from the water and place them in a dry vase, allowing them to dry. Once Halloween is over, simply compost them!


Want to make some original Halloween decorations, using materials you already have at home? Look no further than Pinterest, the number one place for all your crafting needs. There are so many Halloween decorations you can make yourself. Some quick examples:

    • Creepy Halloween characters on toilet paper rolls: simply paint and decorate some toilet paper rolls as characters such as Frankenstein, Dracula, a mummy or a black cat.

    • Glass jar lanterns: take some old glass jars, paint and decorate them and light them up with a candle! Paint your glass orange and draw on some scary faces for a different take on a pumpkin lantern.

    • Tin can ghosts: reuse some old tin cans by panting them white with a little ghost face. Then, take some toilet papers and cut it into thin strips, attach is to the bottom of your can and you’ve got yourself some cute ghosts!

Second-Hand Decor

Minimal and Eco-Friendly Halloween Decorations-3.jpg

If you are looking for some more ‘traditional’ Halloween decor, such as fake cobwebs and furry spiders, I suggest checking our your local charity or second-hand shop. Plenty of charity shops stock Halloween decor, which has been donated by people who have either already used it, or bought it and not used it. Buying such items second-hand is always a better option; it prevents it from going to waste and if you’re buying it from a charity shop, your money will be going towards a good cause.

Happy Halloween!

Written by Eline Jeanné (@the_vegan_globetrotter), who also writes her own blog:

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