Tips for Wash and Care

Label from our black organic cotton sweatshirt

Label from our black organic cotton sweatshirt

Raise your hand if you've ever destroyed a new item of clothing right in the first wash... *both hands raised*. I'm sure we're not alone! The washing machine, tumble drier and the iron can be real enemies when it comes to keeping the integrity of our favourite clothes. And so, it's no surprise that one of the most common questions we're asked is "how do I wash it?". 

Here are my recommendations to take care of your UNCAPTIVE clothes:

* Cold wash
Although you can wash by hand, all our garments are machine washable. There's little difference in wash performance with warm and cold water so we always recommend a cold wash to save electricity and preserve our planet;

* No hash detergents
We're lucky to have readily available cleaning products that provide healthy and sustainable cleaning options without the nasty chemicals. Please use natural, eco friendly, gentle detergents - they're better for your skin and the environment;

* Do not bleach
The use of whiteners as bleaching agents may affect the colour of the garments;

* Avoid tumble driers
Line dry (where possible) or tumble dry on low to prevent shrinkages;

* Do not iron on prints
If ironing, I recommend using a warm iron, specially on more delicate pieces such as the bamboo tops and scarves. For the clothing with prints on, iron inside out to protect the artwork.

Looking after our clothes is much easier when we learn to read the laundry symbols (you know, the ones on the tag inside where nobody ever looks at). As various types of clothing require different ways of looking after, here is a very useful table to help you decipher those geometric shapes:


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