Top 5 Reasons to Choose UNCAPTIVE Clothing

Although there are many more reasons to choose UNCAPTIVE, I've prepared my top 5 favourite points you should be aware of. :)

  1. Ethical Responsibility
    We're inspired by contributing to positive change in the world. Our commitment is to ensure that all garments we sell are manufactured sustainably and ethically, from seed to delivery. To ensure they're made under fair working conditions is also our top priority. We do this by keeping a good relationship with the factory and manufacturers, and by understanding their processes and certifications for ethical practices.  

  2. GOTS Fabric
    The cotton used on our garments are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard which means the cotton is grown and processed without any toxic chemicals, making it perfect for skin sensitivities and allergies. You can read all about this certification in our next post.

  3. Cotton stays soft wash after wash
    Having the garments being made without the use of chemicals, we're left with the purest soft fabric that will stay soft after each wash. Opt for plant based natural cleaners to keep them free from chemicals.  

  4. Cruelty-free
    Animals are our friends. No animals are part of the products nor were used/harmed in the process of the making. We're Peta UK approved. 

  5. Support a small company
    We're a small company of 2 with the goal of making ethical clothing accessible. Established in July 2016 in Redcar, England, we have moved to Newcastle Upon Tyne in November 2017. Declan and I are very passionate and driven to contributing to Ethical Fashion, so expect a lot more from us in the upcoming years! We literally do a little dance every time an order comes in!

We strongly believe in the quote "be the change you wish to see in the world". Small but smart choices have the power to change our planet for the better, thank you for supporting Ethical Fashion!

What about you, why do you choose Uncaptive? I'd would love to read your feedback in the comments! 

Keep it up with your good vibes *-*

Warm regards,


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