Over 100 million people in the world work for the fashion industry. In an era where fast fashion has taken over our high streets, UNCAPTIVE recognises the impact Fashion has on the planet, from sweatshops and child labour, to pollution, global warming and cruel exploitation of animals. We believe that Fashion doesn't have to be destructive.   

UNCAPTIVE uses its artistic and ethical business practices to support positive change and a sustainable future. The people and the planet build the core values of our company and we work towards making sustainable and ethical clothing accessible to everyone. We are socially and eco conscious, motivated to continually seek responsible ways of tackling fair trade, fair labour, animal well-being and environmental issues related to the consumerism of clothing. 


Hello! We are Declan and Itala. Both with backgrounds in Design, when we started Uncaptive, the idea was very simple: to create a T-shirt line around Veganism that would be original, fun and informative.

The business launched in August 2016 from our interest in working with illustration and fashion. We were inspired to create 10 informative and original Vegan related designs that were then screen printed by ourselves on white t-shirts to sell online. We quickly found out about the various vegan fairs happening in the UK and started exhibiting at them in the weekends. By working at the fairs and talking face to face to our customers and competitors, we noticed people were starting to question where the clothes came from and their sustainability impact. Also, the lack of ethical clothing shops on the high streets makes it difficult for ethical consumers to buy their clothing. 

From 2017, we changed our range to organic and started only sourcing from certified ethical manufacturers. We have since added a bamboo clothing range, and clothing made from recycled plastic bottles.

Our main products are T-shirts, sweatshirts, cotton bags, scarves, and socks. We have now also expanded to providing our own plastic free living essentials like bamboo toothbrushes and natural soaps. We now provide over 160 items and have exhibited at over 150 festivals and market across the UK.

All UNCAPTIVE designs are originals, created in-house by us and then hand screen-printed locally onto ethically sourced products.

Uncaptive is based in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

It is a pleasure to have you join this journey!